Ambassadors & Sponsored Athletes Program

Interested in representing Nordic Botanics products across your social media platforms? We work with ambassador and athletes at all levels to spread the benefits of our natural products to an even wider audience. By hearing your fair and unbiased reviews of our products, your audience will feel more secure in making a purchase and will also feel more comfortable knowing they can ask someone else for non-biassed information.


Ambassadors vs. Sponsored Athletes

We have two affiliate programs to suit who you are and how you engage with your audience.

Nearly all athletes, regardless of if they’d like to move to a Sponsored Athlete position, start off by joining our Ambassador Athlete Program. This gives both parties a bit of time to decide if they’d like to work together on a more involved level.

Sponsored Athletes

Sponsored athletes are generally competing at a national or international level in their field and will have already won titles and achievements in their field. They have an established social media platform and probably work at least part-time if not full-time already as a professional influencer/athlete.

Different Program Options

Ambassador Athlete

  • Free Products: Not usually, though we may have gifted some when you first joined.
  • Discount: 10% Discount Code for your audience
  • Targets: No minimum monthly targets
  • Sales Commission: 10% commission earned on all orders
  • Payouts:
    • Commission can be used as credit to purchase your own personal products at 40% discount on full RRP
    • Commission can be cashed out at the end of each month, assuming you meet the £100 payout threshold. If you don’t have £100 or more of commission owed, we simply roll over your balance into the following month
  • Criteria: You should have at least one active social media account, posting unique and original content (i.e. not all sponsored products or review posts). You should make at least 1 post per month featuring NoBo products, but our ambassadors who earn £1000+ per month are posting sponsored content much more regularly than this.

Sponsored Athlete

  • Free Products: Yes. Sponsored athletes receive full product sponsorship according to their personal requirements (Typically around £200 value per month). We may also supply apparel and other free product samples randomly, because we’re cool like that.
  • Discount: 10% Discount Code for your audience
  • Targets: Expected min. £1,000 referred orders per month
  • Sales Commission: Sales commission, Royalties & Cash Retainers discussed on a case-by-case basis
  • Payouts:
    • As each Athlete Sponsorship is unique, we will discuss your financial compensation on a case-by-case basis.
  • Criteria: 
    • You should have a professional social media presence
    • We may ask you to include a link to the relevant Nordic Botanics social media account on that platform
    • We have some minimum content criteria depending on your primary social media platform, but at a minimum, Sponsored Athletes will be discussing & promoting NoBo products with their audience multiple times per week.
    • We have extremely high standards, check our other Sponsored Athletes.

Interested In Joining?

Simply contact us and let us know how you’d like to be involved. For people wishing to join as an Ambassador, if you can include a previous order number that can speed up your Application processing time.

You Have Full Control

In all cases, you will be working as an independent voice and not representing the official views or opinions of Nordic Botanics Ltd.

We do provide full support and marketing education in discussing CBD and our product range, however, in order to ensure potential customers don’t feel deceived or manipulated, we have no control over what you say about our products.

Not too keen on our latest flavour? You’re totally OK to say that. We want Ambassadors and Athletes to feel comfortable and confident about the products they’re promoting and we want to support you in maintaining the integrity and trust that your community have placed in you.