Ambassadors & Sponsored Athletes Program

Interested in representing Nordic Botanics products across your social media platforms? We work with ambassador and athletes at all levels to spread the benefits of our natural products to an even wider audience. By hearing your fair and unbiased reviews of our products, your audience will feel more secure in making a purchase and will also feel more comfortable knowing they can ask someone else for non-biassed information.

Ambassadors vs. Sponsored Athletes

We have two affiliate programs to suit who you are and how you engage with your audience. So whether you’re an Amateur Physique Bodybuilding Competitor with 250k followers or a Pro Basketball Player with 3k followers, we have a program to fit you.

Generally speaking, Ambassadors are social media influencers who spend a significant portion of their energy producing content for social media and reaching a large audience. Sponsored Athletes are professional athletes who may or may not have large social media audiences, but as a company, we just really like what you’re doing and want to support you as a champion.

When it comes to ‘social media influencers’, we’ve tried to work with Full time Influencers with 250k followers who yielded zero sales, and we’ve worked with Personal Trainers with 2,500 followers who consistently generate orders every week.

It comes down to engagement. Instagram in particular is full of deceptive marketing tactics such as fake followers and comments, so we’re willing to try working with most people at first to see if our product resonates with your audience. We particularly like Ambassadors with a large Youtube audience over a large Instagram audience – people are simply more engaged and we have less risk in terms of potentially fake followers and likes.

View our different program options below to see which one suits you and then contact us to get started..

Sponsored Athletes

Sponsored athletes are generally competing at a national or international level in their field and will have already won, or being on their way to winning, titles and achievements in their field.

We are less concerned about the size of a Sponsored Athletes social media accounts and more concerned with their Performance in their field, their work ethic, and how they give back to their sport and community. We have more casual (or none) sales performance targets on Athlete Sponsorship and for this reason, award Sponsorships on a case-by-case basis.

This is in contrast to our Ambassador Programs where we have formal sales targets and minimum content posting criteria.

Different Program Options

Ambassador: Silver

  • Free Products: No. All new ambassadors must be existing customers, meaning you must have made a regular retail purchase first. This ensures you have genuinely used the product and are not promoting a product at a price that you wouldn’t pay yourself.
  • Discount: 10% Discount Code for your audience
  • Targets: No minimum monthly targets
  • Sales Commission: 10% commission on all orders
  • Payouts:
    • Commission can be used to purchase your own personal products at cost price. This varies across each product and your monthly product requirements, however at a minimum, you will need 1 product to hand for creating social media content. 
    • Commission can be cashed out at the end of each month, assuming you reach a £100 threshold. If you don’t meet £100+ of commission in the month, we simply roll over your balance into the following month
  • Criteria: You should have at least one active social media account, posting regular content. We have no minimum limits but as you will purchase your own initial products, it’s up to you to engage your audience with the Nordic Botanics brand

Ambassador: Gold

  • Free Products: Yes. Gold ambassadors receive free products, which are not deducted from any sales commissions, each month according to your requirements.
  • Discount: 10% Discount Code for your audience
  • Targets: Maintain a minimum of 10 orders per month or £400+ in gross sales per month. Missing your target for 2 months in a row will result in automatic downgrade to our Silver tier, but you will be upgraded again as soon as engagement picks up.
  • Sales Commission: 20% commission on all orders
  • Payouts:
    • Commission can be cashed out at the end of each month, assuming you reach our £100 payment threshold.
  • Criteria: 
    • You should have at least one active social media account with great engagement, as determined by us, posting regular content. It doesn’t matter if your audience is small, as long as they are passionate about what you’re doing.
    • You must include a link to the relevant Nordic Botanics social media account on that platform. If for some reason this is an issue (for an example, a conflict with a larger sponsor who has exclusivity), we can be flexible on a case-by-case basis.

Sponsored Athlete

  • Free Products: Yes. Sponsored athletes receive full product sponsorship according to their personal requirements. We may also supply apparel and other free stuff, because we’re cool like that.
  • Discount: 10% Discount Code for your audience
  • Targets: No sales targets
  • Sales Commission: No sales commission
  • Sporting Bonuses: On an indivudla basis, we may set bonuses for winning National or International-level competitions in your field.
  • Monthly Retainer: On a case-by-case basis, we agree a fixed monthly retainer as part of your sponsorship deal, paid monthly. Or for newer athletes, we can pay competition entrance fees, travel costs etc.
  • Payouts:
    • As each Athlete Sponsorship is unique, we will discuss your financial compensation on a case-by-case basis.
  • Criteria: 
    • You should have a professional social media presence (i.e. a personal account, not a branded account or an account with mostly sponsored content). 
    • We may ask you to include a link to the relevant Nordic Botanics social media account on that platform. If for some reason this is an issue (for an example, a conflict with a large sponsor who has exclusivity), we can be flexible on a case-by-case basis.
    • We have some minimum content criteria depending on your primary social media platform, but at a minimum, Sponsored Athletes will be discussing Nordic Botanics with their audience on a weekly basis.
    • We have extremely high standards, check our other Sponsored Athletes.

Interested In Joining?

Simply contact us and let us know how you’d like to be involved. For people wishing to join as an Ambassador, if you can include a previous order number that can speed up your Application processing time.

Independent Advice

In all cases, you will be working as an independent voice and not representing the official views or opinions of Nordic Botanics Ltd.

We do provide full support and marketing education in discussing CBD and our product range, however, in order to ensure potential customers don’t feel deceived or manipulated, we have no control over what you say about our products.

Not too keen on our latest flavour? You’re totally OK to say that. We want Ambassadors and Athletes to feel comfortable and confident about the products they’re promoting and we want to support you in maintaining the integrity and trust that your community have placed in you.

Undercutting Discount Codes

We never run sales or promo codes that aim to undercut the discount codes of our Ambassadors or Affiliates. when we we run special promotions or sales, all Ambassador and Sponsored Athlete codes will take an additional 10% off of the sale price (or will provide an equal discount to athlete codes).

Our company was founded by a guy who had promoted various brands on social media, and it always frustrated him when a Sponsor would attempt to undercut his audience to avoid paying out commissions. It breeds a culture of greed and deception and and kills collaboration. That’s bad business and we don’t do that here.

When we run promotions, we notify all partners in advance so that you can co-ordinate marketing efforts to maximise on our campaign. This may occasionally include temporarily increasing the discount amount of ALL ambassadors simultaneously for a short period.

No ambassador, not matter the size of their audience or how many sales they refer, has a discount percentage greater than any other ambassador. This ensures everyone works together as a team and no one feels unfairly treated – especially our customers.