From time to time, we run competitions with free prize giveaways, normally via social media. Each company has a different way of choosing winners, and in the interests of full transparency, we wanted to let you know how we choose ours.

“Tag A Friend” Competitions

When we run competitions structured along the lines of “Tag a friend for a chance to win”, we award a the prize based on a random lottery system corresponding to the comments made. Each comment, which complies with the conditions of that particular competition (sometimes “tag 1 friend”, other times “tag 2 friends” etc) receives one unique entry into the lottery.

One person may receive multiple unique entries if they make multiple comments tagging different friends in each comment, upto a maximum of 5 entries per person.

To choose a random winner, first each qualifying comment is entered as 1 row in an excel spreadsheet. The row will contain the entrant, plus the person(s) tagged in the comment.

At the closing date of the competition, the spreadsheet is “frozen” and no further changes can be made. The number of each row corresponds to your ‘Lottery Number’ in the prize draw.

Then, a random number (within the scope of the lottery numbers awarded) is generated using a 3rd party service A screenshot of the number generated is taken and recorded for increased transparency, along with the corresponding row of the spreadsheet.

We will then attempt to contact the entrant to collect delivery details (if a physical prize) or an email address (if a digital prize):

  • If after 7 days we cannot contact the winner, we will run the draw again
  • If the winner appears to be a spam account (entirely at our discretion), we will run the prize draw again.
  • If the winner appears to be a close personal friend of any employee of service provider to Nordic Botanics, we will run the prize draw again.

Our decision is final.

Once the lottery is over and prizes have been successfully awarded, the ‘Lottery Spreadsheet’ is deleted – only the winners details are kept for the purposes of confirming the prizes arrived safely and so that anyone wishing to know the result of any prize may contact us and we will supply this information.

Prize winners are under no obligation to participate in any marketing or pomotion activities to receive their prize.