Contract Services Solvent Free CBD Extraction in UK

We are now able to extend our Hemp extraction facilities to outside CBD and Hemp companies. Using our in-house production line of 3 x Commercial Rosin Press machines imported from California, USA, we’re able to process 10g – 500g of raw Hemp CBD bud per day on behalf of our clients.

All of our extract is 100% natural, using only heat and pressure to extract the rich cannabinoid oil from your product. Our qualified team have experience working with most popular legal CBD strains in producing CBD extract for our own products, and can make adjustments to suit each strain or the condition of your material to achieve the maximum yield.

Expected Yields Of Pure CBD Extract

Every batch is thoroughly weighed and recorded, and all notes are provided along with your finished CBD extract product. All waste material (aka “Hemp Chips” or “Pucks”) can be provided also if you have a use for them, or we can recycle on your behalf.

While we cannot make any guarantees on % yield (which will depend on your strain and the condition of the crop), our processing typically yields anywhere from 5 – 25% pure extract by weight of raw bud (fully trimmed) with the higher percentages being for fresher plant material and better quality strains.

Note: the UK CBD market is flooded with old dry Hemp from last years harvest. If you send this to use we will run a sample for you but expect to be disappointed compared to what the grower promised you. Also we strongly recommend a Heavy Metals and Pesticides lab analysis with plant material that seemed too cheap to be true.

Simple Per-Gram Pricing

With simple per gram pricing for our extraction services (priced per gram of raw material plus a performance fee per gram of raw extract), we’re able to provide a simple and cost effective processing solution allowing you to focus on the marketing and other product areas of your CBD business.

As a UK business, we are not legally able to handle raw Hemp which you expect to produce a THC concentration of over 0.2%. For this reason, we require a Potency Certificate to accompany all raw material (usually available from your Grower with most commercial Hemp farmers). All industrial Hemp strains are already approved within the EU. Please contact us if you aren’t sure if the potency of your plant material may yield an extract with illegal levels of THC.

Third Party Verification

We strongly recommend getting Third Party lab verification of your finished extract. Once you know the exact potency of the finished extract (% CBD, CBG etc.(, you’ll be able to dilute it into your CBD consumer products safely with accurate advertised CBD amounts. We can facilitate this Lab Testing process of your behalf (Final Lab certificate is NOT provided by Nordic Botanics yet, we simply prepare samples to be sent to labs).

Lab testing service is provided at an additional cost and payable upfront along with your deposit payment on work. Lab results can take upto 3 weeks, and so we try to send samples as soon as we start processing your raw material.

Supplied Pure Or In Ready-to-Dose Carrier Oil

We can supply you with your raw extract in concentrated oil form (preferred) or pre-diluted into a carrier oil of your choosing and a concentration of your choosing. This means your oil is ready to rebottle and sell straight away!

Our preferred carrier oils are Olive Oil or MCT Oil, with purchase volumes starting at 5 Litres of carrier oil.

Businesses or Entrepreneurs interested in our UK based extraction services should contact us today!