Dan Whitby

Army Special Forces, Personal Trainer

Since I’ve been using Nordic Botanics CBD Oil & Muscle Rub, I’ve found that any muscular aches have been minimal and my arthritis pain has almost disappeared.

As a Personal Trainer and fitness enthusiast, I can train harder for longer knowing that my joints and DOMs will be manageable on recovery.

Dan Whitby


Dan served in the Royal Army for over a decade. He’s taken that discipline, applied it to his passion and has since become one of the UK’s top personal trainers. Open to using any tools at his disposal such as CrossFit, Olympic lifting, HIIT and Bodybuilding his objective remains the same. Complete functional fitness for himself and his clients. 

Website: danwhitbyfitness.co.uk
Instagram: big_dan_whitby_fitness

Dan’s Typical CBD Usage

Nordic Botanics CBD Oil:

  • 2 sprays post-training (1200mg)
  • 2-3 sprays before bed (1200mg)

Nordic Botanics CBD Muscle Rub:

  • Thick layer on quads and lower back after every training session
  • As-and-when for for aches and injuries