Graham Hicks


In just under 10 years Graham Hicks has gone from never having competed in Strongman, to dominating in the under 105kg category; beating men that weighed over 20kg more than him, to finally winning Britains Strongest Man in 2019. Walking around at a gargantuan 150-160kg Graham is a force to be reckoned in both Strongman and Powerlifting. In powerlifting he holds the record for the highest ever UK total at 1100kg

Instagram: Grahamhicksuk
Facebook: GrahamHicksWSM


  • 2019 1st at Britain’s Strongest Man
  • 2018 2nd at Britain’s Strongest Man
  • 2017 3rd at Britain’s Strongest Man
  • 2014 2nd at Britain’s Strongest Man
  • 2014 3rd at Europes Strongest Man
  • Strongman Deadlift – 410 kg
  • Log Lift – 220 kg
  • Squat– 440 kg
  • Bench Press– 270 kg (600 lb)