Jamie Christian-Bigg

Jamie Christian-Bigg Photo Credit SNHFOTO

Obviously I was skeptical about how CBD oil could help, but within a few days I could already feel the difference in my overall pain management and joint inflammation

Jamie Christian-Bigg IBBF Pro


At 6ft 6 Jamie is one of the tallest Professional Bodybuilders on the planet. Jamie isn’t just big but strong with stats closer to that of a strongman than a bodybuilder. Exploding onto the bodybuilding scene as an amateur a few years ago by winning second place at the British Grand Prix, Jamie has since earned his IFBB pro card and competed internationally. As head of Team Giant he has a thriving online personal training business and coaches some of the top up and coming bodybuilders and physique athletes. 

With those kinds of leverages and his focus on strength as well as physique it’s essential that he manages his join health carefully and Nordic Botanics will keep him competing for years to come. 

Instagram: AkaTheGiant
Facebook: Giant.johal
Website: team-giant.com

Jamie’s Typical CBD Usage

Nordic Botanics CBD Oil:

  • 2 sprays post-training (1200mg)
  • 2-4 sprays before bed (1200mg)

Nordic Botanics CBD Muscle Rub:

  • Thin layer on target muscle groups before every training session
  • As-and-when for for aches and injuries