Josh Maley

Josh Maley Photo Credit Gules Godfrey


Josh Maley is a professional Bodybuilder and holder of the 2019 Mr. Universe professional title made famous by Arnold Schwarzenegger . He credits his background in competitive Swimming giving him the discipline and work ethic to get through the gruelling training regimen needed to be an professional bodybuilder. 

Josh started his Bodybuilding training as a 6ft 6, 81kg self described “skinny kid” and has since grown to 150kg which he says has given him more confidence in his Daily life. His constant striving to get better means that Josh has a bright future in the sport.

 Youtube: Josh Maley
Instagram: @josh_maley
Facebook: JoshMaleyBodybuilder


  • 2019 – Mr. Universe

Josh’s Typical CBD Usage

Nordic Botanics CBD Oil:

  • 2 sprays post-training (1200mg)
  • 2-4 sprays before bed (1200mg)

Nordic Botanics CBD Muscle Rub:

  • Thin layer on target muscle groups before every training session
  • Thin-layer on knees and elbows on most days
  • As-and-when for for aches and injuries