Luke Stoltman the Highland Oak

Luke Stoltman 5x Scotlands Strongest man


Big Brother to the third Strongest Man in the world and a hell of a strongman in his own right. The 5x Scotlands Strongest Man has a 420 kg deadlift and a  221kg log press (the British record). Lukes vast experience and training knowledge has helped him excell in the sport of Strongman and he isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. 

 Youtube: Stotlman Brothers
Instagram: Luke.stoltman
Facebook: LukeStoltman


  • 7th Worlds Strongest Man 2019
  • 2nd Worlds Ultimate Strongman Dubai
  • 5x Scotlands Strongest Man
  • 3rd Britains Strongest man 2020
  • 6th Europes strongest man 2019