AK Disposable CBD Vape 250mg

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A disposable CBD vape available in multiple flavours and pre-filled with high-quality broad spectrum extract.

CBD Per vape: 250mg CBD
THC: <0.2% THC, <1mg total
Battery: 550mah
Capacity: Pre-filled with 2ml blended juice
Extract: Broad spectrum hemp extract
Nicotine: Zero, N/A

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Filled with a broad-spectrum extract rich in minor cannabinoids and terpenes, the AK CBD vapes are one of the only CBD vapes we’ve tried in the UK that had any kick.

At 250mg CBD per vape and rated for approximately 700 puffs. A ‘puff’ is a gentle kiss – longer draws will drain the vapes significant faster. In our tests, these vapes last around 2-7 days with typical use. But they are strong enough to immediately feel the effects of the CBD from just one puff!

Our Personal Notes On Each Flavour

Strawberry – Really rich and reminiscent of giant strawberry Haribo sweets, with very subtle herby after notes.

Raspberry – Deliciously sweet and tangy, each toke is like the first taste on a fresh red slush puppy. Like the cherry & strawberry, this is a great choice for people who are looking for a vape that masks the punchy hemp flavours.

Cherry – We’ve renamed this ‘Cherry Bakewell’ as the first notes are of marzipan followed by a mouthwatering sweetness of glacier cherries. Probably the best choice for people trying to avoid herby aftertastes.

Blueberry – A really big upfront blueberry sweetness, with a fuller “fruity herb” main flavour.

Blackberry – A great balance of tart, sweet and herbaceous flavours, if you’ve ever eaten blackberries straight from the bush then you’ll love this.

Tangerine – Very subtle citrus notes with the an authentic sour-diesel herby note. The least sweet and closest to herby flavours of the whole selection in our opinion.

NEW Vanilla Ice Cream – Another really sweet and ‘non-herby’ flavour that masks the herb notes brilliantly. Reminds us of gourmet vanilla ice cream like Mackays.

NEW Bubble Gum – Very rich ‘bubbalicious’ flavour but has the herb notes still come through afterwards. More of a ‘complimentary’ flavouring rather than a masking one, but very difficult to put down!

NEW Blue Dream – Not quite the same as Blueberry, but very similar. Aniseed notes almost make this a ‘fruity black jack’. Definitely one that makes you go back for a 5th, 6th+ toke as you try to place all of the fruity flavours.

NEW Kandy Kush – Another mouth-watering sweet one with an explosion of mixed flavours, very similar to taking a handful of mixed hard-boiled sweets, with hardly any noticeable herb.

NEW Afghan Kush – Herby, but pleasant and easy to vape for those with the taste for it. Essentially as close to hemp as you’ll get in a legal vape. Not recommend for vaping in conservative public spaces because the smell will confuse people nearby and trigger a whole conversation you probably didn’t want.

CBD Per vape: 250mg CBD (minimum total Cannabidiol only, also contains other minor cannabinoids)
THC: <0.2% THC, <1mg total
Battery: 550mah
Capacity: Pre-filled with 2ml blended juice
Extract: Broad spectrum hemp extract
Nicotine: Zero, N/A

This product contains zero nicotine. Some devices, such as vapes, that do contain nicotine are highly addictive. However this device does not contain any nicotine.



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Strawberry, Cherry Bakewell, Blueberry, Blackberry, Raspberry, Tangerine, Kandy Kush, Vanilla Ice Cream, Blue Dream, Bubble Gum, Afghan Kush (Herby)