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After extensive field testing on “CBD Bath Bombs” and hundreds of baths later from our more aquatic audience, the Bath Butter Block is our take on a functional luxury CBD bathing experience. Carry it with you into a hot bath and enjoy the buttery creme as it quickly melts into the warm water. Our Butter Blocks will fill the whole room with a wonderful fragrance and leave the water rich with nourishing fats and phyto-nutrients, most of which have been chosen for their anti-inflammatory properties. Made with 100% natural botanical ingredients, these are a touch of luxury for our customers who feel they deserve a bit of self-love, or to show a special loved one how much they matter.

Our blocks use the same proprietary MuscleCalm™ blend from our Phyto[Rub] products, in a bath-friendly form. You may notice slight variations in block appearance and scent between each batch, due to the varying nature of the natural ingredients.

How Do They Work?

Our solid butter blocks are a bit like melting a full tin of our CBD Muscle Rub into a bath. However, while oil and water don’t usually want to mix, our butter blocks will fully dissolve into the water in less than 2 minutes under a hot tap, leaving a milky and moisturising bath to enjoy. Our butter blocks don’t create much of a show when you put them in the water, however there is around 60x more oil & butter in our Jumbo blocks (125g) than a typical Fizzing Bath Bomb (125g). No fizz, just biz! Use 1 block per bath (or for a quick post-workout soak, save the core before it fully melts for a second bath!)

How To Get The Best Results

  1. Keep It Dry: Your Bath Butter Block really can’t wait to get wet, so for best results, store in a dry room (probably not the bathroom) and keep the wrapper on until it’s bathtime. If you unwrap it for a preview sniff, use a bit of cellotape to seal the wrapper back up as if you were preserving your sandwiches before a 12-hour shift!
  2. Keep It Hot: When the water is warmer the blocks will melt easier. If you don’t like taking your baths too hot, pop the block under the hot tap while the bath runs, and it should be dissolved by the time you’re getting in and have adjusted the bath to your preferred bathing temp.
  3. Keep It Lazy: Our Butter Blocks aren’t really for ‘the bath where you wash your hair’. Avoid using any soaps or shampoos to maintain the nourishing qualities of the buttery bath water. Just have a soak, you’ve earned it!


Price is either for 4 x Mini Blocks (1 per bath is good) or 1 x Jumbo Block (1 per big, luxurious bath!). Blocks are individually wrapped in a moisture-barrier.

Picture shows multi-pack of 4 Jumbo Blocks. Dried botanicals vary per batch.

  • Jumbo Block Weight approx. 125g CBD Per Block 140mg
  • Mini Blocks Weight approx. 25g CBD per block 28mg

For most noticeable topical CBD results, we found soaking for at least 20 minutes worked best.

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4 x Mini Blocks (4 x 25g, 28mg CBD Each), 1 x Jumbo Block (1 x 125g, 140mg CBD)