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CBD Fruit Jerky (210mg CBD, 50g)

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Brand new, unique and exclusive to Nordic Botanics, and possibly a world first?

  • Made from 100% real, whole fruit
  • 100% Vegan (like everything we make)
  • Packed with Vitamin C & anti-oxidants
  • Convenient 50g snack packs are easy to throw into a gym bag or lunch box
  • Bitesize strips: One 7g Serving contains 30mg of CBD
  • Vacuum packed to maximise CBD potency and freshness (1 year shelf life when stored correctly) Hand Made in Britain and dried for 5 days

Made with 100% Whole Fruit:

  • “Sour Jackberry”: Strawberries, Jackfruit & Mixed Summer Fruits with CBD

Fruit Jerky, and CBD, Please Explain?!

If you’ve followed our story over the last 3 years on social media, you’ll know we have some issues with ‘eating CBD’. Unfortunately, CBD isn’t very bioavailable once ingested. It is possible to process CBD extract in a lab to maximise digestion using various nano-scale engineering methods (like in our Boostr+ CBD Drinks), however the manufacturing costs are pretty expensive and aren’t normally practical for CBD edibles.

But we’ve kept our noodles on the problem for a while, and posting some of the Behind The Scenes progress on this over the past year on our Instagram account.

And now we think we’ve come up with a pretty great solution… chew on your CBD for longer!

Our fruit jerky is super moorish and a little bit sour to get your mouth watering, with a satisfyingly chewy texture that you can really get into!

We’ve made it this way for a really important reason:

Chewing on our jerky maximises sublingual absorption (and therefore maximum bioavailability) of the CBD Oils trapped inside of the sweet, gummy fibres of the fresh fruit.

This will cause some noticeable effects from the CBD within 2-3 minutes and is the most efficient way to dose CBD into the bloodstream. The remaining CBD in your jerky is swallowed and will be absorbed to the bloodstream via 2nd-pass digestion, which will be noticeable in 2-4 hours after eating your jerky.

Of course, once we’d perfected our proprietary manufacturing technique and formula, we had samples tested to confirm the potency (and even & predictable distribution and dosing) by an accredited lab, who confirmed the CBD content and that it was stable.

This makes our jerky perfect for a breakfast snack to keep the workday (or day in college classes) a little calmer, as a sugary pre-workout energy & focus boost, or as a post-workout carb-reload snack that primes for the evening wind-down. Or simply as a delicious midnight snack the night before a duvet-day.

Please forgive the plain packaging this currently arrives in while the batches are small.

Additional information

Bite Size

Mixed Bites & Strips (30mg CBD per 7g Serving)


"Sour Jackberry" (Strawberry & Jackfruit)

Pack Size

250g (1050mg CBD) as 5 x 50g snack packs, 1.0kg (4,200mg CBD) as 20 x 50g snack packs, 2.5kg (10,500mg CBD) as 50 x 50g snack packs

Packaging Sustainability

We tried, we really did try guys.

We tried PLA (plant-starch based polymer) plastic. We tried PLA-lined kraft bags. We tried speaking to food manufacturing experts who didn’t charge us money and we tried experts who charged us lots of money.

We tried speaking with our chef customers. We tried speaking to suppliers in China, India and Britain. We even tried speaking with competitors!

No-one had any better answers.

We like to solve BIG problems here at Nordic Botanics like Sleep, Pain and Anxiety. Our sponsored athlete team have taken multiple World Records since we started sponsoring their training & rehabilitation.

So, also re-inventing how the global food industry package moist food for maximum freshness and shelf-stability, without refridgeration or freezing, and without killing all nutrients/CBD with high heat, isn’t a fight we can also take on right now.

So, we “failed” this time and our CBD Fruit Jerky is vacuum packaged in Plastic packaging. But, it will still taste great if you open it in 6 months, no-one gets a tummy ache and Moms get peace of mind that a company didn’t put eco-credentials before their families safety.

And that’s more important to us.

Sometimes in life we have to pick our battles, and we feel we’re doing tons of great work in the rest of our product line and company to be eco-aware and minimise all plastic use.


Whole Fruit & Seeds Mix* [min. 70%], Organic Coconut Sugar, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Phytocannabinoid Extract, Malic Acid, Pink Himalayan salt, Lecithin (Sunflower), Xantham Gum, Citric Acid.

Whole Fruit & Seeds Mix Per Jerky Flavour

Strawberry: Whole Strawberries, Whole Raspberries, Apple Pieces.

Blueberry: Whole Blueberries, Pomegranate Seeds, Whole Pears, Chia Seeds.

BlackForest Fruits: Sour Cherries, Blackberries, Black Currants, Whole Pears.