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CBD K9 Krunchies

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A mixed bag of CBD K-9 Krunchy treats for your favourite furry friends!

Currently Free for all customers. Little lap dogs will probably munch through 1-2 bags per month, larger dogs around 2-4 bags per month. Please add them to your order as needed.

Packaged in convenient 30g vacuum sealed packs for freshness.

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A mixed bag of CBD K-9 Krunchy treats for your favourite furry friends!

Made with Nuts, seeds, vegetables, organic coconut oil & fresh english lavender.

  • 100% Vegan ingredients (it’s all human food inside!)
  • 100% Grain Free & Gluten Free
  • 100% Dog friendly ingredients & a great source of protein!
  • No added sugars

Each small treat (Hoops) are approximately 10mg CBD each, the larger treats (Bones) are approximately 20mg CBD each.

Currently Free for all our customers.

Just add the amount you need (honesty system) to your basket along with your other items – these are 100% Free to the whole Nordic Botanics family, but to save on our Carbon Footprint and minimise shipping costs, we just ask that you grab them along with your regular CBD order.

CBD Feeding Guide for Pets

We’re not sure if we’re legally allowed to recommend a pets feeding guide under current UK laws (October 2020).

But..dogs can tolerate a LOT LESS CBD than humans or little humans, so small doses work the best. Small dogs need less, big dogs need more. Overdo it and your pooch will appear ‘baked’ and likely sleep away the rest of the day.


Peanut Butter [100% Peanuts], Tapioca Starch, Lavender Hydrosol, Coconut Oil, Brewers Yeast, Olive Oil, Arrowroot Starch, Cannabidiol Extract, Guar Gum*, Agar Agar*, Pink Himalayan Salt*.

* Only present in very small amounts, 1% or less.

Feeding Guide

Feeding CBD to your dog should be an enjoyable and bonding experience between you and your furry friends. Dogs are very sensitive to CBD, so it doesn’t take much before you should notice the effects in your pets behaviour and energy levels.

The following is a guide only based on globally recommended CBD dosing levels. As a pet owner, you are responsible for feeding any natural supplements to your pets such as CBD, and we always encourage you to have a conversation with your veterinarian about CBD before using any CBD pet treats.

Dog Weight : A Possible Feeding Guide

1 – 5kg: 1 to 3 treats daily. Break Bone treats in half

5 – 10kg: 1 to 6 treats daily.

10 – 20kg: 1 to 10 treats daily.

20kg+: 1 to 10 treats daily.

Feeding On The First Day

If this is your first time using our K-9 Krunchies, start off with only 1 treat on the first day, and wait to confirm no digestive issues or stool changes. We’ve used extremely simple and wholesome ingredients, but a small number of dogs can get soft stools from Peanut Butter.