CBD Muscle Rub 3 x 600mg/60ml Triple Bundle

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This bundle contains 3 x 60ml pots of our 600mg/60ml CBD Muscle Rub.

CBD Muscle Rub with MuscleCalm™ Botanical Extract Blend

Our luxurious CBD Muscle Rub allows therapeutic-grade dose of CBD to be applied topically, enhanced by the rich moisturising properties of Organic Shea Butter and Coconut oil and enhanced by our unique MuscleCalm™ Botanical Extracts blend.

As well as smelling like a stroll through a Norwegian forest in Autumn, the multiple botanical extracts in our salve are proven to provide analgesic, anti-inflammatory and vasodilatory properties. Together, these extracts work in synergy with our CBD-rich broad spectrum Hemp extract.

Each 60ml pot contains CBD-Rich Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract equivalent to 600mg of CBD total.

Stronger By Nature

Made in our own lab in Somerset, UK, our CBD Muscle Rub contains a proprietary blend of botanical extracts (we’ve named it MuscleCalm™) that have each been individually proven to offer relaxation, pain relief and increased recovery to muscles and tissue around joints.

We created this blend with the help of our Sponsored Athlete team, who helped us to test iteration after iteration of our formula. We knew we didn’t want to make “just another CBD salve” so we set out to make something that would offer powerful relief to the people who really need it!

Every individual botanical extract was sourced after rigorous testing of suppliers and origin farms to find the most pure and complete natural extracts with the highest levels of topically-beneficial compounds. Our final botanical extract blend is a great balance of a powerful muscle-relaxing action, pain-relieving action, a “Rich Forest” aroma that’s relaxing yet unobtrusive for daytime use, and yet still be gentle on sensitive skin.

We’re extremely proud of the finished product and our customers tell us it’s the most effective therapeutic-grade CBD muscle rub or salve they have used. And if you follow any of our social media pages, you’ll know that our unique CBD Muscle Rub with MuscleCalm™ Botanical Extract Blend is now in the daily gym bags of famous World Champion Strength Athletes, Pro Footballers, Pro Bodybuilders, Olympic & Paralympic Gold Medallists!

Luxuriously Simple

Our Muscle Rub uses 100% natural plant-based ingredients. You simply don’t need to use any artificial silicones or petroleum-derived ingredients, when nature already provides us with so many luxurious plant oils, butters and waxes!

Our muscle rub will melt on contact with skin and behave like a massage oil for around 2 minutes before it’s fully absorbed. Use this time while it’s “slick” to massage the area, as thoroughly as you’re comfortably able to, which increases bloodflow to the problem zone and significantly increases the effectiveness of the transdermally-absorbed CBD.

Organic Shea Butter gives our salve a luxurious silky feel and leaves skin feeling pretty amazing. Organic Coconut oil and Olive Oil provide the temporary “massage slick” before absorbing through the skin to transport the CBD (In nature, Cannabinoids usually like to hitch a ride on fat molecules).

We use a little vegan carnauba wax and candelilla wax to help set the muscle rub and stabilise the different botanical extracts.

Use it sparingly, a little goes a long way! One pot should last 4-6 weeks with regular application as needed.

CBD And Muscle Relief?

Cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD, has been proven in the international scientific and medical community, with statistical significance, in multiple randomised, double-blind, placebo human trials, to provide anti-inflammatory, analgesic (pain relief) and anti-spasmodic benefits.

Unfortunately, under current UK law and guidelines set out by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA, the UK Government Department responsible for the regulation of advertising CBD), we cannot legally advise whether the CBD specifically in our muscle rub, when applied topically, will or will not offer any of these benefits.

This product is not a medicine. It’s awesome, but we never said it was a medicine.