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Wipe Away The Worries

Answering the needs of the nation, our NEW CBD-enriched Toilet Roll contains 5mg CBD per 5-ply luxury sheet to make life feel a little easier with each wipe. With a regular dosing schedule (usually early mornings for Dads) our 100% Plant-Based roll may relieve feelings of anxiety and improve quality of sleep during this rapidly changing world.

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The Very Latest Research-Driven Innovation

Capitalising on the very latest Cannabidiol Rectal Absorption Protocol (CRAP) developed by researchers at the Calvin Broadus Institute of Botany, Kent University, we’ve developed proprietary manufacturing technology to 100% Guarantee 5mg CBD with every wipe. As the only UK company to successfully implement CRAP into our paper, we deliver twice as much CBD per convenience visit than any other CBD Toilet Roll manufacturer!

5 Layers Of British Resilience

While the rest of the nation struggle to conclude their evacuations with risky 2-ply paper, our luxurious rolls contain 70% British-grown Oak (Hardwood) and 30% British-grown Douglas Fir (Softwood). As most EU paper manufacturers fight over cheap recycled fibers to fill British bathrooms with stacks of useless tracing paper, we source only the finest quality Brexit-Backed timbers from sustainable UK forests.

100% Plant-Based & Vegan: Stronger By Nature® 

Made entirely from plants and never tested on animals (excluding our athlete team) it’s also the world’s first 100% Vegan CBD Toilet Paper. Available with a heavy dose of pure Sandalwood or Rose, so everyone will still know you only wipe with luxury, even in a socially distant world.

COVID-19 Availability Update

Due to the ignorant family at the end of your road taking the p*ss with their last ASDA shop, we have been forced to limit sales of this product to 1 Roll Per Customer. (Athletes currently on a Bulk, or vegans on a high-fibre diet, may purchase 2)

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Ingredients CBD + Sandalwood Oak Fiber, Douglass Fir Fiber, Cannabis Sativa Extract, Santalum Album (Sandalwood) extract CBD + Rose Oak fiber, Douglass Fire Fiber, Cannabis Sativa-L Extract, Rosa damascena Flower Oil Each sheet contains 5mg of CBD enriched using the Cannabidiol Rectal Absorption Protocol (CRAP)