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NUKE CBD vape pods + Juul Device Bundle


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5 × NUKE - CBD Vape Pods 4pk Juul Compatible, 150mg CBD each

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1 × Juul Vape Pen ONLY

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5 packs of our NUKE CBD vape pods (Juul device compatible) and a bundled Retail boxed Juul vape device (with USB charger) so that you have everything you need to start vaping CBD.

Bundle Contents:

  • 5 x packs of NUKE CBD pods (20 pods total) approx. 150mg CBD per 1ml pre-filled in each pod
  • NUKE pods come in 8 flavours (Magic8 Flavour)
  • 1 x Juul vape pen device
  • 1 x Juul USB charger