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Exclusive to NoBo and a worlds first, therapy putty infused with stabilised broad-spectrum CBD and our world-famous Phyto[Rub] blend.

Massage it in your hands, press and work it against tired joints, generally use it how you would our Phyto[Rub] CBD balm.

Each 50g portion of putty should last for 14 x 10 minute therapy sessions. Your putty will change as you use it and the active ingredients break away and the chemical structure and bonds of the putty change – this is how you know how many ‘dosed therapy sessions’ are left in it and is part of the design.

Generally, if your putty still has a strong smell, and it’s still rubbery and ‘self healing’, then it still contains active-ingredients.

Looking After Your Phyto Putty

Phyto[Putty] contains multiple preservative systems for it’s own anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. It’s shelf stable for 6 months from manufacture date, and good for a month once you begin to open-close the air tight container.

Air and high-temperatures are the main factors that will age your putty without use. Keeping it in the air-tight container not only keeps it fresher for longer, but it’s also another easy way to observe your putty changing with use – it will be around half it’s original size in the pot once all of the CBD and active ingredients have been sued up!

If your putty ever gets too warm (ie left by a radiator or from a really warm-palm session) it can start to ‘sweat’ some of the active & structural ingredients. Pop the container in the fridge for an hour and then give it a quick kneading afterwards, trying to incorporate any of the residue that sweated out into the container, and it should recover just fine.

Try to keep your putty free of loose hairs and fluff, but most can be removed easily by slowly pulling the putty until it goes wafer-thin near the hair, while gentle blowing on the item.

Don’t try to wash your putty with water, vinegar, bicarb solution, or any other ‘home remedies’ that usually work great to clean popular children’s toy putty’s like Silly Putty or Play Dough. Phyto[Putty] is actually ‘held together’ a little differently even though it appears to behave similarly, and doesn’t really like touching many things other than human skin!

Important Safety Information

This is not a toy. Do not leave unsupervised with children. Phyto[Putty] represents a serious lethal choking hazard to small children/toddlers. Do not consume, this is a product for topical application only. Do not use if breastfeeding or pregnant due to CBD and also cautions on some of the other botanical extracts used.

Phyto[Putty] contains all plant-based ingredients except one: Polyvinyl Alcohol (modified), which is one of the ingredients in children’s non-toxic school glue. All remaining ingredients are plant-based. All of our topical CBD products are not safe to consume and toxic if so – this is due to the potent botanical extracts. All of the extra stretchy ingredients that make our Phyto[putty] special and ‘work as a putty’ are non-toxic, plant-based and natural.

The Green-ish colour is the natural colour from the German Chamomile, Blue Tansy and Blue Yarrow (which are all very blue, the putty’s waxes, butters and oils all create a yellow base, blue + yellow = green). As the putty is used, the naturally blue colourants will transfer to your hands at a slow rate, but you will notice your finished putty is more of a ‘mustardy yellow’ colour. This is just a cool way your putty can naturally tell you that it’s almost at the end of its life.

Practical Cautionary Information

We recommend to keep your putty in the provided airtight container between uses, but if you lose it, a double layer food/zip-lock bag will give you the same protection and nice fresh putty between uses. Keep away from fabrics and carpets (your putty will happily want to live amongst the fibers – don’t let it) if it happens, try to scrape away as much putty as possible and then clean the fabric according to type/amount of mushed-in putty.

Removing from clothing is just a case of popping in the wash. Removing from hair is a case of a thorough shampooing. Removing from carpet is best handled on a case-by-case basis (only you and American Express know how much that deep-shag carpet really cost…) but depending on the carpet type, dabbing and lifting with white vinegar, Vodka, Isopropyl Alcohol or intense prayer are all recommended and effective with varying degrees. While it may seem obvious, bicarb+water may make phyto putty go into the fabric fibers even deeper, but is a good natural agent for lifting any remaining oily residue.

Phyto Putty does work better on body-parts with less body hair, but shouldn’t create any matting issues unless in the most extreme of silverback scenarios. If regular use/treatment is expected, removing excessive body hair in the treatment area for the duration of the rehabilitation period is recommended for facilitating efficient and stress-free putty use, and would also improve cost-efficiency of other CBD topicals like our PhytoRub or PhytoGel.

What Is It, Seriously?

We were inspired by some research in 2021 using modified polyvinyl alcohol (pretty much the same non-toxic ingredient in child-safe school glue) based hydrogels for topical drug delivery and tissue regrowth frameworks due to the tensile properties and potential to create wider-suitability systems (ie no chemical cross-link agent which is typically something with a mild toxicity rating and are a risk for immunocompromised or very young children).

One of the fundamentals here at NoBo is thinking about new novel delivery systems for CBD/botanicals for our customers and athletes. We started thinking about how PhytoRub could work in different formats in early 2021 and had our first batch of PhytoPutty ready for our Pioneers and Athlete Team by December!

With a bit of plant-based alchemy, our patent pending formula is the worlds first and only stable putty-based CBD delivery system with lab tested and verified ingredients available in the UK, USA or Canada.

Additional information

Weight 0.075 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 4 cm

50g (750mg CBD) – 14 Sessions

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