Phyto[RUB] – CBD Muscle & Joint Balm – Stronger (1500mg CBD, 90g)

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Since 2018 when launched, Nordic Botanics proprietary formula CBD PhytoRub is used daily by:

  • The Worlds Strongest Man
  • Europes Strongest Man
  • Britains Strongest Man & UK’s Strongest Man
  • Englands Strongest Man
  • Scotlands Strongest Man
  • Irelands Strongest Man
  • And hundreds of other Pro Strongman competitors who are fed up of accepting aching joints, lower back pumps and permanently twinged biceps as a ‘way of life’ for the sport… Not anymore with our Original PhytoRub, helping champions recover since 2018.

Very concentrated product. One tin will last approximately 4-6 weeks during intense rehab, or 8-12 weeks for daily recovery and injury prevention. Each application requires no more than a ‘chickpea sized’ amount of balm. You may want to shave any excess body hair from the treatment area if you have a particular problem spot and expect heavy use.

Recommended for customers who are already familiar with our regular strength Phyto[Rub], or people who are managing more severe chronic pain, more intense rheumatoid arthritis etc. Not that we can recommend this for any medical condition, obviously.

  • Twice the CBD potency as the Strong version (2x the CBD per 90g).
  • Twice the Active-Ingredient Potency of our PhytoCalm™ Botanical Blend as our Strong version (2x the active-ingredients per 90g).

This is not a medicine. This is not a food item, or a novel food item. We make NO claims that this will help with any medical condition. Always speak to your Doctor or Physician first to receive their recommendation. Always perform a patch test first, discontinue use immediately if you experience any discomfort or visible reaction. Do not use on pets, sorry. Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, sorry. 

Produced in a UK GMP facility. Lab verified below <0.03% THC and made with EU grown Hemp, extracted & refined to specification in an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited lab. Fully UK Legal, drug test safe and sports federation safe. On the market since 2018 and still the number 1 CBD topical in Professional strength sports.

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Ingredients Statements

100% plant-based ingredients, vegan friendly.

Over 50% of the botanical ingredients are UK grown & harvested, with the remainder being mostly EU grown & harvested.

100% natural product. This was a natural therapeutic balm only, always follow your Doctor, Physician and Physiotherapists advice.