Phyto[RUB] – CBD Muscle & Joint Balm – Stronger (3000mg CBD, 45g)

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  • 45g tin (approx 4 – 8 weeks)
  • 3000mg CBD NEW UPDATE
  • With 17 Botanical extracts to relieve muscle & joint aches & pains.
  • 100% vegan-friendly product
  • 100% plant-origin formula

No artificial colours, fragrance, petrochemicals. Proudly manufactured in the UK since 2018.

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Since 2018 when launched, Nordic Botanics proprietary formula CBD PhytoRub Stronger is used daily by:

  • The Worlds Strongest Man
  • The Worlds Strongest Woman
  • Europes Strongest Man
  • Britains Strongest Man & UK’s Strongest Man
  • Englands Strongest Man
  • Scotlands Strongest Man
  • Irelands Strongest Man
  • And hundreds of other Pro Strongman competitors who are fed up of accepting aching joints, lower back pumps and permanently twinged biceps as a ‘way of life’ for the sport… Not anymore with the original PhytoRub, helping champions recover since 2018.

Very concentrated product. One tin will last approximately 4-6 weeks during intense rehab, or 8-12 weeks for daily recovery and injury prevention. Each application requires no more than a ‘chickpea sized’ amount of balm. You may want to shave any excess body hair from the treatment area if you have a particular problem spot and expect heavy use.

Recommended for customers who are already familiar with our regular strength Phyto[Rub], or people who are managing more severe chronic pain.

  • Twice the CBD potency as the Strong version (2x the CBD per 45g).
  • Twice the Active-Ingredient potency of our PhytoCalm™ Botanical Blend as our Strong version (2x the active-ingredients per 90g).
  • 3000mg of CBD (minimum) per 45g (NET) approx 4-8 weeks of relief, but is dependant on your usage

PhytoRUB™ is a proprietary CBD Muscle & Joint balm with our research-driven blend of synergistic botanical CO2 extracts & phyto-nutrients. We have been tweaking this formula since 2018, and since then many of our sponsored Pro Strongman athletes who use it daily have accumulated a few world records and titles (including 2x Worlds Strongest Man), so we think that’s decent evidence that we make the Strongest CBD Muscle & Joint balms in the World. There’s lots of uses for our PhytoRUB outside of strength sports, and hundreds of specific chronic sufferers who would benefit from it.

Under current UK laws – we can’t tell you about any of these medical applications or share the feedback from our customers with chronic illnesses.

We do however offer a 30 Day Refund Guarantee – try it out, and if you think it’s all just a placebo, just return the rest of the tin for a full refund, no questions! First launched in 2018, often imitated, yet still the #1 choice in Pro Strength Sports worldwide. We can’t say much about our PhytoRUB, so we allow it’s reputation and word-of-mouth to speak for itself!

Our MuscleCalm™ 2022 Botanical CO2 Blend has been updated after another season of feedback from our Pro Athletes and some of our Pioneers Program Customers specifically managing chronic conditions with our PhytoRUB to reduce/minimise opioid based pain management. What we mean is, we worked with our customers who really, really need their Rub on a daily basis, and we made some tweaks and improvements. The end results have been fantastic, and coinciding with our changeover to EU Novel Food Applications validated CBD/Hemp, we’re excited to present our PhytoRUB in Strong & Stronger!

Lab verified below <0.03% THC & less than <1mg THC per container, made with single-source EU Hemp since 2018.

This is not a medicine. This is not a food item, or a novel food item. We make NO claims that this will help with any medical condition. Always speak to your Doctor or Physician first to receive their recommendation. Always perform a patch test first, discontinue use immediately if you experience any discomfort or visible reaction. Do not use on pets, sorry. Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding mothers, sorry. 

Produced in a UK facility. Externally lab verified below <0.03% THC and made with EU grown Hemp, extracted & refined to specification in an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited lab. Fully UK Legal, drug test safe and sports federation safe. On the market since 2018 and still the No. 1 CBD topical in Professional Strength sports.

Additional information

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Ingredients Statements

100% plant-based ingredients, vegan friendly.

Over 50% of the botanical ingredients are UK grown & harvested, with the remainder being mostly EU grown & harvested.

100% natural product. This was a natural therapeutic balm only, always follow your Doctor, Physician and Physiotherapists advice.