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Premium Mountain Shilajit Resin (Himalayan)


New refill pouches available in 15g & 100g sizes! Keep your existing jar and save when you refill!

(Simply place refill pouches in the freezer for 30-60minutes and then the shilajit can be easily removed from the plastic with zero wastage or fuss!)

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Pure Shilajit Resin, with 82% Fulvic Acid (very thick & resinous!), in 10g, 20g or 30g jars which is approximately a 1-3 month supply assuming a daily, morning dose.

Just use the tip of a knife (or the handle of a metal teaspoon works great!) and scoop a ‘tiny pea’ sized amount of resin (approx 0.3-0.5 grams) and then stir into a mug of hot water (or coffee is much nicer!) or cold water (for a morning smoothie or pre-workout!)

Multiple human studies demonstrating daily supplementation with Shilajit helped to balance testosterone and oestrogen in men and women, especially useful for athletes using PEDs and looking to manage adverse side effects.

Where Is Our Shilajit Resin Sourced?

We source our resin direct from a family friend in Delhi, who’s uncles collect by hand and purify the Shilajit direct at the source, using the same traditional spring water + air drying techniques (zero electricity) that their grandfather originally used. Each batch is then transported to their offices in Delhi, where it’s lab tested, gets all it’s customs & import paperwork prepared, and then sent to us so we can ship it directly to you!

Himalayan Mountain Shilajit vs. Altai Mountain Shilajit?

We only believe in premium ingredients at NoBo, both because our customers are only in the group of people requiring ‘therapeutic grade’ efficacy or greater, but also because it eliminates a lot of risk for impurities, toxins & dishonesty. For this reason, we don’t use cheaper Altai (Russian) region shilajit.

Even though we could cut our raw ingredients purchase costs in half, the quality of resin from the Altai mountains is much lower (due in part to the lower average harvest altitude vs. Himalayas) but also because of the impossibility of knowing ‘where your money is actually going’ when dealing with Altai/Russian suppliers.

Directions: Use approximate 300mg – 500mg daily. Dissolve into water (hot or cold, but hot dissolves faster).
Net contents 15g/30g/100g

100% Drug Test Safe

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30g Glass Jar (3 Months Supply), 100g Glass Jar (6-9 Months Supply), 15g Refill Pouch (1 Month Supply), 100g Refill Pouch (6-9 Months Supply)