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Refund Process

  1. Contact us, we may be able to help
  2. Return any items to us
  3. Complete the Refund Request form
  4. Receive refund directly to your UK Bank Account

Why Do We Do This?

Unfortunately, our banking and financial setup is a little unorthodox due to the complex nature of accepting card payments and banking for Hemp & CBD related businesses. A downside to this is that processing refunds directly to the original payment card is both expensive and slow (7+ days).

In order to maintain great customer service, we instead choose to make refunds directly to (UK) customers via electronic funds wire from our domestic UK Business Bank Account (Starling Bank).

For 95%+ of our customers, this means an instant refund and totally secure (The details we ask for can only be used to make a deposit into an account).

This is not a Direct Debit Guarantee. This is not a request for payment. We do not keep these details after the refund has been made. All data is submitted via secure SSL encryption and stored within UK (London) located servers, with our encrypted email servers located in Switzerland.

If you have any questions or hesitations, you do not have a UK bank account, or you would prefer to give these details to a human being over the phone, please do not hesitate to contact us and we can give you a call to talk through this.

Thank you,
Liam Gooding
Founder, Nordic Botanics