IFBB Pro Jamie Christian-Johal Joins Nordic Botanics

We’re excited to announce IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Jamie Christian-Johal has joined Nordic Botanics as a Sponsored Athlete. Jamie joins Josh Maley in representing our product range in professional bodybuilding.

Standing at 6’5″ (1.98m) Jamie is in fact the tallest bodybuilder to be awarded his IFBB Pro card (It’s much more difficult for taller bodybuilders to achieve the proportioned physique that bodybuilding judges look for – for comparison Arnold Schwarzenegger is 6’3″).

Jamie getting ready to fly away with those wings!

We have been supplying Jamie with our natural CBD oil throughout his preparation leading up to his recent victory, and Jamie said it was a crucial component in his brutal training regime.

As any bodybuilder knows, the training leading up to a competition is not only the most vital, it’s also the most painful. Every day you’re pushing your body to it’s extreme limits, but you’re severely limiting your calorie and carbohydrate intake compared to what it’s been used to the rest of the year. This increases aches and pains and also causes a huge hit to mental health. You need to dig deeper every morning and remember why you love the sport, but it’s difficult.

Obviously I was skeptical about how CBD oil could help, but within a few days I could already feel the difference in my overall pain management and joint inflammation. I’m used to listening to my body very closely, and I almost wanted to believe that all the hype I’d heard from other bodybuilders using Nordic’s oil was just a placebo effect. But with deeper and more restful sleep and less pain after intense sessions, it allowed me to have a better training-life balance and find that extra bit of willpower on those difficult mornings. I’m excited to work with a company who know their product in such detail and really understand athletes and what we go through for our sport.

Jamie Christian-Johal, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
Jamie stands at 6’5″ (1.96m) and weighs 130-150kg throughout the year

As well as our CBD Oil, Jamie also uses our new CBD Muscle rub product for topical relief. Heavier bodybuilders like Jamie will benefit from applying this to lower back, pecs, quads, hamstrings and glutes, especially after intense compound exercise days such as Squats, benchpress and deadlifts.

We’re not only excited to be working with Jamie, but also thrilled to see that he won his IFBB Pro card during our sponsorship (We decided not to announce new Sponsorships until the athlete has had a chance to really test our CBD products so that they are giving honest and unbiased feedback).

You can follow Jamie on Instagram for daily bodybuilding motivation (and also plenty of laughs!). Jamie is also a business owner and we strongly recommend visiting Ilkeston Gym and Fitness if you’re in the UK.

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